MA-EYES (Management Accounting-EYES)

Strategic Business Management System


MA-EYES is an accounting management system that allows users to quickly understand in real time the profits and losses obtained throughout the business life cycle, broken down by projects and deliverable services.


Overseas Offices Management System


GLOBAL EYES is the overseas offices management system. GLOBAL EYES allows the users to use the local language and to create the accounting data in the local currency. By importing the accounting data which were created at the overseas offices, GLOBAL EYES helps The head office in Japan to manage the financial condition of the overseas offices.


Standard Business System Development/Production Environment

J-Fusion offers tools for developing systems that meet the needs of the customer within a time frame and budget never thought to be possible.
Not only do we provide J-Fusion as a set of development tools, but we also provide information regarding programming practices, project specifications and data modeling.
J-Fusion is based on a client/server architecture (NOT a web-based architecture).

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